We Believe In What We Do


As the population increases, the local utility companies need to either build more power generation facilities or import electricity from neighboring cities and states, both of which require substantial capital. This increase in cost to the utility companies are passed on to the end consumer…you. Take a look at your electricity bill over the past 10 years and you will see this increase.

 At Solar Brothers, we believe renewable green energy is the future. Our goal is to provide our customers with the information they need about solar systems to make a smart choice for their homes and businesses. Our knowledgeable team provides a simple, turnkey solution to eco-friendly renewable solar energy on a Nationwide scale. Whether your project is for a business or personal project we can handle every aspect of your solar purchasing experience, from individual components to full installations, design, permitting and positioning. With our experts on your side, you will have a captain from start to finish, guiding you on your journey to a greener future.


A Modern Approach to Solar


Through years of experience in traditional solar sales we have found a better, more modern approach for customers to get the best value for their time and money. Here we are, it’s 2019. We’re at the height of technology and everyone is busier than ever. Our customers are looking for ease, convenience, quality and value. To get the most value without sacrificing quality we have done away with unnecessary soft costs, and instead we have invested in the best Solar design and estimating software in the world. Now we can give you the most value for your time and money without the hassle and discomfort of home sales appointments.


Open Source Experience


When you add solar to your home or business it’s a statement that you have moved into the modern age of sustainability. Every solar project is different because of lifestyles, businesses, values and budgets are different, which is why we offer an open source purchasing experience to create a custom solution designed specifically for your needs. 

With our open source purchasing experience you can choose which hardware options you want. Choose if you want your system financed, leased, or paid for in cash and when you’re ready for installation you can have your system installed by a professional or take a DIY approach. We offer both solutions. When building your system we want to hear your ideas, thoughts and goals for the future. Let us cater your solar system to you and your budget.


“Soft Costs” Suck


No, they literally do. “Soft costs” suck the return out of your solar investment. The number one question we hear from our customers is “How is your estimate so low? What’s the catch?” The reality is, there is no catch.

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has stated, “A solar energy business can decrease their soft costs by an average of $0.17 per watt/ $170 a kilowatt by using the proper up to date software.”

Most solar companies have massive “soft costs” or costs for anything that is not equipment related. Because they use outdated software and ways of estimating they have to pass on the costs of commissions paid to sales reps, company cars, travel expenses and unnecessary marketing expenses… which normally get passed onto the buyer. This is where we are able to save you from the suck of “soft costs” and give you more value.


Bye, Bye Sales Guy


Our personalized and quality driven approach to your home solar system is a little different. In order to give you more value we said bye, bye to sales guys and every expense that comes with them. With us you won’t have to make appointments that require a salesman to come into your home pushing high pressure sales tactics on you at your dining room table. Instead, we use real data. With today’s’ technology we can combine the data from your utility bills, HD Satellite imagery of your house, and irradiance mapping using sophisticated software to design a top of the line solar system the way you want. Because we can keep our internal costs lower than the competition, this approach results in saving you significant time and money on your system without losing quality.


Our Promise


Solar Brothers is a place you can come to and get the information you need to make a well educated decision for investing in solar. We know there’s lots of opinions and options out there and it can be overwhelming. We promise to give you the one stop shop experience and professional insight that you can trust. Come tell us your energy goals and we’ll create the money saving solar system to help you succeed.

Cheers to a new day!

Solar Brothers