Solar Panels for Homes


If you’re hoping to lower your electric bill, improve the value of your home, or reduce your carbon footprint, a solar panel system is an excellent investment. Whether you’re curious about the benefits of solar panels for homes or you’re in the process of selecting the right solar system for your house, the experts at Solar Brothers are here to help.


The Benefits of Solar Panels for Homes


While many homeowners focus on the financial advantages of a solar panel systems, this technology offers an added variety of benefits. Your family may wish to purchase solar panels for any or all of the following reasons:


  • To save money on your utility bills
  • To combat rising electricity costs
  • To build equity in your home
  • To invest in clean, renewable energy
  • To reduce your impact on the environment
  • To enjoy the tax credits available
  • To reduce your reliance on the grid


Let’s Make It Personal


When you add solar to your home it’s a statement that you have moved into the modern age of sustainability and we want to make it all about you. Every home is different because everyone’s lifestyle and values are different, which means we work on a custom solution designed specifically for your needs. Solar Brothers is a nationwide leader in building cost effective and elegant home solar systems and we offer the largest residential open source purchasing experience. 


With our open source purchasing experience you can choose which hardware options you want. Choose if you want your system financed, leased, or paid for in cash and when you’re ready for installation you can have your system installed by a professional or take a DIY approach. We offer both solutions. When building your system we want to hear your ideas, thoughts and goals for the future. Let us cater your solar system to you and your family’s budget.


Bye, Bye Sales Guy


Our personalized and quality driven approach to your home solar system is a little different. In order to give you more value we said bye, bye to sales guys and every expense that comes with them. With us you won’t have to make appointments that require a salesman to come into your home pushing high pressure sales tactics on you at your dining room table. Instead, we use real data.


With today’s’ technology we can combine the data from your utility bills, HD Satellite imagery of your house, and irradiance mapping using sophisticated software to design a top of the line solar system the way you want. Because we can keep our internal costs lower than the competition, this approach results in saving you significant time and money on your system without losing quality.


Embrace the Eco-Friendly Choice


As populations increase, the local utility companies need to either build more power generation facilities or import electricity from neighboring cities and states, both of which require substantial capital. This increase in cost to the utility companies are passed on to the end consumer…you. Take a look at your electricity bill over the past 10 years and you will see this increase. Having your very own solar system helps protect you from further increases. 


Choosing to invest in a solar panel system for your home is a great choice and you will be able to enjoy the freedom of choice that comes along with it. Contact us today to learn more and embrace the benefits of solar energy on your home.