Does Solar Make Sense in my State?

So you are looking to get solar, but not sure if it makes sense where you live. Maybe you’ve second guessed it because of the weather, or maybe you don’t see a ton of neighbors with solar yet. Don’t fret; it’s simple to figure out if solar makes sense for you, no matter what state you live in.

Cost of Electricity

The single most important aspect of deciding whether solar makes sense for you is to determine the cost of your electricity bills. More specifically, what is your kWh cost? Your kWh (kilowatt hour) is the unit of energy that all of the electronics in your home uses. The easiest way to determine your kWh cost is to look at your utility bill. In fact, this is why solar companies need your utility bill, because your bill has a lot of vital information on there that will help determine if a solar system makes financial sense to you. On the bill you will find a lot of different numbers, but the two that are important is the number of kWh you used in a month, and the total cost of your utility bill. Let’s say you used 1,000kWH this past month. And you paid $250 for your electricity bill. The simple equation is to take your bill amount and divide that by the number of kWh. That looks like this.

$250 / 1000 = $0.25 per kWh

Why is This Important

The reason this number is important, is because solar companies need to know two things from all this data. The first is how many total kWh you will need in a year. That helps determine what proper sized system is needed for your home or business. The second number is the cost per kWh. This is important because this will tell you, the customer, if a solar system makes financial sense. If you are paying $0.25 per kWh right now with your utility company, and a solar system will cost you $0.15 per kWh, which is a savings of $0.10 per kWh, then it most definitely makes sense to get solar. This is a savings of $100 a month on your utility bill!!!! That’s good cash in your pocket right away! You can see how a solar system can save you thousands of dollars.

What if My Bill is Low

Now if you have an electricity bill that looks like this; you use 1000 kWh and you pay $85 a month for that electricity. That is $85/1000 = $0.085 per kWh. If a solar system costs you $0.15 per kWh to have, then maybe it isn’t the best option.

One More Scenario

Now let’s say you live somewhere that is sunny and electricity rates are increasing every year by 8%. Your electricity costs. Your utility is $0.11 per kWh and solar costs $0.13 per kWh; now we are talking about the future. The reason we are talking the future here is simple, right now it might cost more to get solar, but in say 2-3 years, your electricity bill could be way over $0.11 per kWh as the utility bill keeps increasing by 8%. In 3 years, if you didn’t get solar, then your electricity bill will be $0.14 per kWh. At this point, you need solar because it costs less. Of course you could wait, but then you also wasted money to the utility company instead of paying off your solar system for 3 years.

Is There Black and White?

 Of course each person’s scenario is different, which is why a company like Solar Brothers is here to help you determine if solar is a smart choice for you or not. The times that are easy is when a solar system costs 2x more than you are currently paying to your utility provider. That’s an easy one to see. We don’t recommend solar to you then. Or maybe you pay $20 a month for electricity. Solar might not make sense then. But if you are paying $100 or more a month for electricity, then most likely, solar makes sense for you, no matter where you live.

The best way to figure out if solar makes sense for you is to get a custom quote. Solar Brothers consults families and businesses all over the nation and helps them get solar. We love helping people go solar, but we also make sure that you are comfortable and that solar makes financial sense to you. Our business is keeping you happy.

To find out if solar makes sense for you, get a quote with Solar Brothers Today!