Solar Panels for Homes

If you’re hoping to lower your electric bill, improve the value of your home, or reduce your carbon footprint, a solar panel system could be an excellent investment. Whether you’re curious about the benefits of solar panels for homes or you’re in the process of selecting the right solar system for your house, the experts at Solar Brothers are here to help.

The Benefits of Solar Panels for Homes

While many homeowners focus on the financial advantages of solar panel systems, this technology offers a variety of benefits. Your family may wish to purchase solar panels for any or all of the following reasons:

  • To save money on your utility bills
  • To combat rising electricity costs
  • To build equity in your home
  • To invest in clean, renewable energy
  • To reduce your impact on the environment
  • To enjoy the tax credits available
  • To reduce your reliance on the grid

Get Started with Solar


American homes vary in many ways. Some people live in grand houses, while others prefer cozy cabins. Some homes are very energy-efficient, while other homes require an abundance of energy to stay up and running. Some homes house one person, while others house seven people or more. All sorts of households can benefit from solar panels, so we encourage you to explore the options available. Complete our quick questionnaire to receive a personalized quote that will help you understand how a solar system might complement your unique home.

Enjoy Significant Savings

Are you tired of relying on your utility company for all of your electricity? By taking advantage of the free energy provided by the sun, you can greatly reduce your electric bill each month. This will help you take control of your home’s electrical budget and decrease your reliance on the grid.

Plus, utility companies’ electricity rates have continued to rise over the past ten years and that trend is expected to continue. Solar energy, on the other hand, has decreased by more than 70 percent over the last decade! So if you invest in solar panels, you’ll be able to steer clear of rising energy costs.

Finally, you can also save money by taking advantage of the solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) if your project qualifies. As of 2019, the residential ITC provides a credit equal to 30 percent of your total cost. The ITC will decrease to 26 percent for projects in 2020 and 22 percent for projects in 2021. After that, the credit will drop to zero. So if you want to take advantage of the tax credits currently available, act fast!

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Embrace the Eco-Friendly Choice

If you’re eager to reduce your carbon footprint, a solar panel system is an excellent choice. Solar energy is the most abundant energy resource on earth, and it is clean, which means it is derived from renewable, zero-emissions sources. By generating electricity in a green, eco-friendly way, solar panels reduce our impact on the natural environment and help the U.S. transition away from fossil fuels.


Take Advantage of the Versatility

If you choose to invest in a solar panel system for your home, you will be able to enjoy the freedom of choice that comes along with it:

Homeowners do not get to choose their utility company, but they can choose to purchase solar panels so that they aren’t subject to the whims of utility rates.
Solar panels can be installed on their roof or on the ground.
You can have your system installed by a professional or take a DIY approach. We offer both solutions at Solar Brothers.
Solar panels for homes can be financed, leased, or paid for in cash. We can help you understand the difference between these options so that you can choose the one that best fits your family’s budget.

At Solar Brothers, we aim to provide prospective customers with all the information they need about solar systems to make a smart choice for their home. If you’re interested in learning more about solar panels for homes, contact us today.